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The type of content that appears on this site is determined directly by the interests, passions, and obsessions of its writers. We don't claim to cover every aspect of one particular topic, nor do we want to; there are enough sites like that already. Currently, we've directed our attention towards music, film, and television reviews, but you can expect our feature articles to cover a wide range of topics including gaming, technology, hi-fi, or whatever else strikes us as interesting. If you share our tastes, you'll be right at home, and if not, we hope you'll be able to track down something you like. And if you really hate it here, you can always send us rude email, or express your rage in the comments of our articles - we'd love to hear from you. Just don't insult our mothers, because that is crossing the line.

A Word About Our Reviews

Not all media is the same, and thus not all media should be reviewed the same way. For our music reviews, we've settled on a five point scale, with a word assigned to each score. The scale is as follows:

5/5 = Timeless

What we consider to be a true masterpiece. The album is enjoyable through and through, with little to no "fluff." A groundbreaking or otherwise extremely consistent release musically and/or conceptually.

4/5 = Great

An excellent collection of songs. An album given a 4 is not perfect, and will have its flaws, weak points, or slow moments that prevent it from being a 5. However, the effect of these flaws is minor when considering one's overall enjoyment.

3/5 = Good

Worth checking out. An album given a 3 may not be one you'll want to listen to the whole way through each and every time. However, it has numerous standout tracks ranging from good to excellent, and the overall impression on the listener is still a positive one.

2/5 = Average

Not especially interesting or unique on the whole, but not boring either. An album assigned a 2 may be entirely passable to some listeners, while others will find they enjoy certain songs or quirks. Fans of the band in question will likely still want to invest time in a 2, but the rest of us should preview it before buying, and cherry-pick the best tracks.

1/5 = Mediocre

Very few redeeming qualities. Only the hardiest, coriest of hard core fans (we like inventing words here) will find it necessary to invest time in a 1. Most tracks are passable and the few standouts are simply "good" and nothing more.

0/5 = Awful

Has no redeeming qualities and is exceedingly uninteresting or in bad taste throughout. An album given a 0 has almost nothing going for it, and there's very little reason to check it out unless someone is going to pay you or offer sexual favors.

For film & TV, we feel it's a little bit easier to determine the difference between good and bad. With that in mind, we've chosen a ten point scale so that we can be more precise in our ratings. For these reviews, you can expect a score followed by one or two sentences to summarize the written portion, as demonstrated below.

"7/10; Impressive action scenes and ninja badassery contribute to an entertaining first half of the series."

The ten point scale is pretty self-explanatory. It's similar to the five point music scale, but gives us a little extra wiggle room to account for video, audio, concept, writing, soundtrack, editing, and all the other shiny things that go into making a movie.

10/10 = Timeless

A Masterpiece. We're talking Citizen Kane and the Godfather cooked up together with a dollop of Pulp Fiction on top. This movie has it all - video, audio, and editing work together perfectly in support of a phenomenal story. Do not miss this film.

9/10 = Great

This movie is amazing. Not quite perfect, but amazing. This is one you should see in theaters. It's well worth your time and money. There are some flaws, but not enough to get in the way of an expertly crafted work.

7/10 = Good

You should check this out. Maybe don't shell out $12 to see it in theaters, but it is definitely worth watching on Netflix. There is a lot of good here, though it may not appeal to everyone. Check out the first few episodes before investing in the series.

5/10 = Average

This is an OK movie. If you have a few free hours on a rainy afternoon, check it out. Some people will like it, some people won't. There's nothing special here, but it could be entertaining.

3/10 = Mediocre

Meh. Probably not worth your time. You'd have to really like the director or lead actor to get into this one. Lots of flaws, and not many redeeming qualities. Only go if your significant other drags you.

1/10 = Awful

This movie sucks. Don't watch it.

0/10 = Garbage

Actually painful to watch. This is the worst of the worst. Offensive, needlessly disgusting, or just plain bad. This actively detracts from the medium of film and television.