Once upon a time, there were two young rakes from southeast Massachusetts...


Griffin Vacheron left home for the great Midwest and was reborn as a level 58 warlock in the depths of Lake Michigan. With his new-found powers, he went questing for obscure bands from the farthest reaches of Europe and Asia, the greatest Zelda known to man, and the largest fast food meal $5.00 could buy. When something gets his attention, he really sinks his teeth into it (he saw The Dark Knight Rises five times in two weeks). If he stops shaving for any extended period of time, he begins to resemble a skinny Zach Galifinakis. When not writing for Uki, you might find Griffin trying out new headphones, scouring the web for the latest tech news, or practicing ninjitsu.


Sam Plasmati is a lanky son of a gun with a strong interest in writing, film, and quitting/rejoining World of Warcraft repeatedly. His obsession with Coheed & Cambria has created within him an insatiable appetite for narrative infused concept albums that can only be satisfied by listening to Meatloaf's "Welcome to the Neighborhood" on repeat at day long intervals. Additionally, Sam is a big history buff (having studied it academically) and tries to model his behavior after Otto Von Bismark as much and as often as he can. When he's not slaving over reviews for Uki, he can reliably be found playing League of Legends, shooting homemade zombie flicks, and being cranky to innocent civilians.

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